June 8, 2009

GOP senator irked at Obama over health care, not having an R after his name

Let he who ISN'T a hypocritical POS cast the first stone:

Republican't Sen. Chuck Grassley says that President Barack Obama "got nerve" to go sightseeing in Paris while telling lawmakers it's time to deliver on a health care overhaul.

Blogger says that Sen Grassley has nerve whinging now when he and his fellow repukes sat back with their thumbs up their precious assholes as their codpieced faux-cowboy disastermonkey fucked this country over. With their help. So fuck you, you autofellating shitbag. You have as much cred here as a fucking bowel movement.

Fun fact: Mr Grassley's dear leader Preznit GameBoy went "brushcutting" at his flea-ridden hellhole while intelligence briefs warned him that al Qaeda was planning to attack the US. He did nothing. So for you or ANYBODY from that misadministration to open your twat-holes now takes nerve.

Oh, and fuck you, you pathetic drama-queen.