June 23, 2009

Group wants Senate to investigate Ensign

And I'd like a large dirty martini and $50,000. And a pony.

Hmmmm... three guesses to what the Senate, owned by spineless, 'We ♥ Bipartisanship!!1!'-crying Democra jellyfish, will do....

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington will file a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee asking lawmakers to investigate the circumstances surrounding an affair that rethuglican Sen. John Ensign had with a campaign aide.

The dismissals of homewreaking bint Cindy Hampton and 'top aide'/pathetic patsy Doug Hampton due to the adulterous bonkfest would have violated a Senate rule that bars employment discrimination, says CREW. Meanwhile, the very same "lawmakers" were already showing solidarity with the hypocritical horndog on the Senate floor:

Repuke Sen. Sam Brownback talked with Ensign for several minutes and Lindsey Graham gave him a quick embrace & ass-squeeze. Fellow repug Jeff Sessions of Alabama patted Ensign's hand and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, actually shook the Promise Breaker's smeggie paw, and the two stood side-by-side for about a minute in silence as the vote continued.

Right. Sanctity of marriage my ass.

But... but... but... Clinton!