June 1, 2009

Pro-Life Terrorism 101

Who would Jesus gun down?
It is time take this domestic terrorist fuck to Camp Gitmo for some "enhanced interrogation techniques.
Just why in hell isn't cable "news" screaming for JUSTICE over the terrorist assasination of Dr. Tiller??? Maybe because Lush Bimbo is avoiding this story like the plague, perhaps? Because he's "Christain?" misplelling intended~ed note

Just to underscore the hypocrisy of Christian right terrorists who wrap themselves in the flag and baby Jebus, Tiller was murdered in the lobby of his church Sunday morning.

Shot him dead. In church. Hallefuckingluia.

So help me out here, does being “pro-life” mean it’s ok to kill abortion providers? If al Qaeda killed an American in a church, you can bet ass AND your shrinking 401K that the Reich Wing would shreikingly demand a total lockdown of the country, imprisonment of anybody non-white, and then bombs a-fucking-way.
This is no fucking different.
And it's nice to know I'm not the only one who fells that way. Check out Sullivan:

Imagine an Islamist fanatic had assassinated a pro-Israel rabbi in a synagogue, and had harassed synagogues for years, including one arrest for bomb materials in his car. Imagine if one of his associates had tried to kill the rabbi before. Would there be any question that this was Islamist terror? So why is this not Christianist terror?
These sub-human, bottom dwelling, carbon based, pseudo life forms are an interesting phenomenon, aren't they?
And they are really pissing me off.

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