June 25, 2009

Repuglican values

Abandoning your wife and four kids -- and on Father's Day yet! -- is bad enough when you've made your name as a defender of marriage & family and moral watchdog.

But its about to get even worse for this 'fiscal conservative' as news of his financial flimflammery starts spurting out like Lindsey Graham's freedom-juice at a Cub Scout jamboree.

In December, the AssPress reported that taxpayers had spent $21,488 in 2008 alone on Gov Mark "moral legitimacy" Sanford's trips to China, Argentina, and Brazil, as well as nearly $2,000 in travel expenses from his own office.

At the time, it was thought they were fact-finding trips by a state governor, as opposed to fuck-finding trips by an sanctimonious adulterer.

"Wasteful State department spending" indeed.

Above: the disgraced governor checks to make sure his pecker is still there after a royal reaming by the press, his wife.