June 19, 2009

RNC propaganda nutwork's latest manufactured outrage destroys another IronyMeter

It would be laughable if it wasn't so hypocritical. After years spent joyously fellating Bush misadministration members and unquestioningly regurgitating the talking points spoonfed by Rove et al, Fox Nooze is blasting ABC for their White House health care special --

[I]n expressing concerns about the ABC News broadcast, those on Fux "News" did not make any attempt to distinguish -- nor even mention -- the extraordinary access they had to Il DuceBag, Cheney and other high-ranking misadmin members, when they used those opportunities to lob softball questions, enthusiastically blow them, and provide an uncritical platform for repuke talking points.

[T]he Bush misadministration repeatedly gave exclusive unprecedented access to Faux Noise, which often used such opportunities to run toadying, one-sided specials about the misadministration.

[F]urther reinforcing the hypocrisy of Fox's reaction to the ABC News broadcast are two other facts: Fox "News" itself has refused to air advertisements critical of Bush administration policies and appointees, and in 2006, Tony Snow, then-Fux Noise anchor and radio host, left Fox to serve as pResident Bush's White House press secretary.

Well, though just about all of the MSM has been silent about this, last night ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper actually Twittered porcine antichrist Karl Rove for his take on the attacks on ABC News:

@karlrove what's your response to this? http://dkostv.com/... interested in your thoughts - thanks... plz dont kill me

OK, that last bit was me. This is what he was referring to:

"There is something extra delicious about hearing Karl Rove whining about ABC's "unprecedented" access to the White House, then showing clips of Fox News bragging about THEIR "unprecedented access" to the (Bush) White House." -- openthread.

Still haven't found out if Karl ever responded.