June 19, 2009

A top ten list for Letterman's conservative critics

1. Shut the fuck up, losers
2. Go to hell, you unhinged nutbars
3. Fuck you
4. ESAD .... ahem. Sorry, here we go --

It is hard to take conservatives seriously when one considers that each and every day, real players in the rudderless conservative movement -- powerful talk-radio hosts, cable-news hosts, pundits, columnists, and bloggers -- throw aside the reasonable boundaries of a civil political discourse by using wickedly divisive, cruelly insensitive, intentionally misleading, and downright hateful rhetoric. And the response from their followers? Hardly a peep.

Rank hypocrisy is nothing new for right-wingers -- or politics in general, for that matter -- but in a selfless attempt to help them avoid the "hypocrite" label this time around, I humbly present a Top Ten list of "Right-Wingers From Whom Conservatives Should Be Demanding Apologies."

Karl Frisch's column is here. He adds:

At the end of the day, expecting consistency from a movement motivated primarily by divisiveness and fearmongering is perhaps a bit much to ask. It's sad that the righteous complaints over Letterman's ill-conceived jokes are undermined by the right's inability to hold their own ilk accountable.

Meanwhile, David Letterman responds to Palin and the right-wing media with a heartwarming message: "Thanks for the ratings, cumbags!"