June 1, 2009

Your Latest Rushthuglibot Fauxrage Dejour...

Reichwingnuttia goes ballistic as President Obama takes wife on date during a time of war.....and probably had sex with her too!!!!!
OhhhMYGAAAAAAAAAWDDD, by the way,they went to a ‘black’ show!!!!11!!
According to "anonymous sources," The Antichrist Obama occasionally eats and sleeps, too.
He also promised a middle class tax cut and healthcare reform, but obviously those can wait for a date..
One can only imagine what would happen if Obama were to go hunting and shoot his partner in the face THEN go missing for 24 hrs.

Nothing like Tipsy McStaggers reaction when New Orleans was drowning.

Fun fact: As of March 11, 2008, Former Pretzelnut Stoopie O'Dipshit had spent 879 days of his presidency "clearing brush" on his "ranch" in Crawford, Texas. That's more than 2.4 years of his 8 years as President, and a higher percentage of time away from the White House than any President in U.S. history.

Note to Rushpublibots: Amid all of your fantasies of being with Anderson Cooper in the shower with a soaped falafel, I feel very obliged to alert you to your fiduciary duty to suck my fucking cock.

This has been yet another classic edition of IOKIYAR, the never-ending series..