July 24, 2009

'Birthers’ won't let go of their idiocy

And neither will "news" orgs who should know better. This is what greeted me when I logged into YahooNews this morning, complete with photo of this snarling, obese grublike creature.

"Six months after Barack Obama's inauguration, a persistent and noisy legion of doubters won't let go of an already debunked claim — that he is actually a foreign-born, illegal president."

This is particularly rich, coming from pMSNBC. Last night I had to turn the TV off in disgust when Chris Matthews brought out felon and noted gpuke crackpot G Gordon Liddy to comment on this nonsense. Liddy! In one of the most shameful cases of spineless pandering evar -- like its not bad enough that they're even talking about this -- they invite the frothing posterchild of depraved rightwingnut conspiracy-morons. This is what passes for journalism these days. Good gravy.

Liddy, of course, lied, like the true rethug he is. Thank God there are a few who aren't completely retarded:
"I've stopped laughing," New York Daily News columnist Errol Louis wrote Thursday. "Too many political and media leaders are deliberately fanning the flames of ignorance and fear, and they should be ashamed."
GOP consultant John Feehery suggested that [CNN's rabid fuckwit Lou] Dobbs and other broadcast figures were seeking to capitalize on the controversy to boost ratings.

"It says more about the media culture we're entering and the decline of responsible journalism, and less about the political realm," Feehery said.