July 30, 2009

Colin Powell to the GOP: Nut up and take on Limbaugh already, you pussies

Powell and CNN geezer Larry King discuss the spineless butthorns of the repuglican party --

POWELL: I can handle Rush's criticism. But the problem I'm having with the party right now is when he says things that I consider to be completely outrageous, I respond to it, but other members of the party quiver in their sagging dress-socks and continue to take it up the ass.

KING: Do you think they're afraid to take him on?

POWELL: Duh! Jeebus, King, you fucking senile? I know a number of instances where sitting members in Congress or elsewhere in positions of responsibility in the party, made light criticism of Rush and within 24 hours they were backing away because of the dittomonkey support for the gasbag. Fucking retards.
(Slightly paraphrased)

Demonization of RINO Powell by Limbaugh, freetards in 3... 2... 1....