July 13, 2009

Fairly unbalanced

The Center for the Blatantly Apparent reports "Fox News [sic] cares less about delivering news and more about giving" their audience of mouthbreathing troglodytes what they want: virtual skullfucking by Rush & Rove's dicks while they sit entranced and 'brain'washed on their sticky couches.

It's time to investigate the Bush Administration for criminal acts.

Why spend a lot of time beating up Pelosi last May and ignore, last Friday, a major story of a potential breach in Constitutional law? Because Fox News hosts care less about delivering news and more about giving a particular audience what they want: Beating up liberals. Give the citizens their bread and circuses. The audience has an excuse, though: It's called selective ignorance. "Tell me what I believe. Don't tell me anything that would undermine it." Ignorance is forever busy, and needs feeding.