July 9, 2009

"He has no credibility left"

Bathe her... then bring her to me: Adulterous married rethug not only used other woman as fucktoy, the homewreaker was wife of his best friend.

Midway through a nine-month extramarital affair with a member of his campaign staff, Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) wrote his lover a letter that has been published by the Las Vegas Sun.

"I used you for my own pleasure," Ensign wrote to his mistress Cindy Hampton, the wife of a friend, "not letting thoughts of you, Doug, Brandon, Blake or Brittany come into my mind."

And those are probably just his pet spaniels. Won't somebody think of the children??

“I justified my actions because I blamed my wife. Doug has been a great friend to me over the years + I threw all of that away over wanting to feel good.”

So let's see... the adulterous married rethug not only used another woman as a fucktoy, he also fucked over his friend, his kids, the Baby Jeebus, and his wife, seemingly a sexless termagant with a home-perm kit in one hand and a rolling-pin in the other. Gotcha. But wait, it gets better:

The sex scandal engulfing Repuglican Sen. John Ensign has deepened now that his former mistress's husband, his former mistress's husband's cousin, and his former mistress's husband's best friend's wife have revealed new details about the relationship, saying the Nevada Republican paid his former mistress more than $25,000.

The letter and cuckolded sap Doug Hampton's interview on Wednesday mark another embarrassment for Ensign, a 51-year-old Christian conservative. In addition, the severance payment could pose campaign finance or ethics issues for him.

Bonus: another rethug Senator may have recommended paying the couple off. In MILLIONS:

Hampton also detailed a February 2008 meeting in which he, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., and others encouraged Ensign to end the affair, as well as the working relationship with the Hamptons. Hampton said Coburn and others tried to encourage Ensign to compensate the couple and help them relocate.

"These men were the ones that said, 'What we need to do is get Doug Hampton's home paid for, and we need to get Doug Hampton some money. We need to get his family to Colorado,'" Hampton said in the interview.

John Hart, a spokesman for Coburn, would not comment directly on the specific advice that Coburn gave Ensign.


Update: Tom Coburn refused to comment today on his part in the John Ensign affair scandal -- by claiming doctor/priest privilege: "I was counseling him as a physician and as an ordained deacon. ... That is privileged communication…"