July 24, 2009

Pic from BuzzFlash. He's so fucked up even his tinfoil hat is wearing a tinfoil hat.


Anonymous said...

Folks, for another rightous rethug, moral superior neanderthal and his 'family values, go to tennessean.com and look up Sen. Paul Stanley.....Too funny

smike said...

So, anyway, I like this site. If so inclined, does one contribute?

Rhode Island Rules said...

So, cool. At first the head honcho at CNN told Dobbs to back off the non story, but then somehow backtracked and said whatever Lou wants, Lou gets.

When can we have real people in charge even if it upsets the "talent"?

Hey Networks! There is plenty of talent here in the US but you seem to be throwing all the money at the same people. Ryan Seacrest gets yet another multi-million dollar gig? C'mon...really?....really? Is there no one else to whom you could spread the work around?

Anonymous said...

I don't see a tinfoil hat on anyone riding in that tank.

This site is getting weirder and weirder. I like it.

Chris Vosburg said...

Smike writes: So, anyway, I like this site. If so inclined, does one contribute?

Smike, I followed your link to your blog site and discovered that it is an empty page. You'd be perfect, not to mention economical, as a WTF contributor!

Anonymous said...

It seems the site (Buzzflash) is cycling filenames or some such. The front page photo is always 'buzzphoto.jpg' The five times I've checked WTF, I think I've seen five different images.

The cheney one was...interesting.

Dragosani said...

This is where the pic I first saw lives:


not sure if that is the one. Here is the pic link:


Hope that helps.