July 10, 2009

Rethuglican values & the sanctity of marriage

Its the gift that keeps on giving. BuzzFlash: Rebooblican Senator Ensign may have committed multiple financial felonies during an unstoppable adulterous affair, all the while professing his evangelical piety and assisted by Senator Tom Coburn, one of the two idiot Senators from Oklahoma.

[Cuckolded sap Doug] Hampton claimed that Ensign paid his shameless wife Cynthia considerably more than $25,000 in severance when she was told to leave her job with Ensign’s campaign committee in April 2008. Ensign did not report the payment, as required by law, according to a Washington watchdog group.

The allegation of the large severance payment is a serious one.

Beyond the severance claim, Hampton’s account shows Ensign as calculating and relentless in his pursuit of the affair.

Nice. His evangelical buddies must be so proud. Hey, he fessed up (after he got caught), so all is forgiven. After all, he IS a republicon.

Meanwhile, Idiot Senator Coburn, who is up to his neck in this scandal, lashed out at the media for reporting on the story:

"You've got two families that are back together and you guys are going to help tear them apart. What do you think their kids think about what you're writing right now? You're helping tear two families apart that are back together. You need to quit. It's all manipulation."

But... but... Bill Clinton!