July 27, 2009

So, what's up today? Besides the AW from AK?


Anonymous said...

I got to spend the day with my 75 year old Dad and 85 year old Aunt. They both apparently watch Fox from sun up to sun down. Here's what I learned:
1. Obama is going to cancel Medicare and replace it with Hospice. (i.e. just let the old people die)
2. The Democrats in Congress won't listen to a single Republican idea about heathcare.
3. Obama is going to give everything to all those people who are too lazy to work their way up from dirt floors and outhouses the way they did.
My daughter was ready to scream, bless her heart.

thesmoots said...

My old great aunt & uncle are the same way and I've heard the same story repeated by friends several times. It seems to be a trend that all the old tightwads/conservatives listen and believe whatever they're told. My 70 yr old mother says she can't wait till all these old white bastards (her generation & older she means)dies off. She thinks & I agree that all the old shitheads in politics are the problem. One thing for sure, like those fools in Iran they just don't realize how info is shared/digested around the world now. I'm an old fat white guy and I would do anything to vote all the old white guys out of office.

wangmo said...

Health Care: French vs. U.S. (Video)

Anonymous said...

5th day of puppy sitting for a friend. *sigh*
all our dogs are highly superior intellectuals and NOT into the juvenile scene.
She was due in about now, but go in a fender bender in Albuquerque, so won't be in till late late late.
she's OK, her car is crippled and we get another solid 8 hours with puppy breath.
Calgon, take me to Tahiti!

big em said...

Working (salaried, so no overtime, thank you!) with others in my company installing SAP software - - which HAS to be one of the biggest scams since 3-card monte! A textbook case of corporate group-think/triumph of marketing over quality/sizzle instead of the steak. A cumbersome, non-intuitive product, that seems to exist only because of advertising and EXECUTIVES' word-of-mouth. The Germans may have lost 2 world wars, but they're getting their revenge via this system!