July 10, 2009

What Palin's cop-out says about McCain

Al Neuharth, USA Toady founder of all people, blasts both the ill-equipped and under-qualified Caribou Barbie and the senile old coot who picked her as his running mate:

Both are self-proclaimed "mavericks." I admire people who don't just follow the norm but look for new and better ways to do things. But when maverickism leads to irresponsible or nutty behavior, it loses me.

[T]his week, after she decided to throw in the towel as governor, McCain issued a statement that expressed his "respect and affection" for her and said he hopes "she will continue to play an important leadership role in the Republican Party." McCain should be put in this perspective:

• He ran the worst major party presidential campaign since Democrat George McGovern in 1972.

• His biggest blunder was in picking Palin.

McCain should always be remembered with gratitude for his military service in the Vietnam War. But the Republican Party might be better off if he followed Palin's example and abandoned his Arizona U.S. Senate seat.