August 3, 2009


Well, the hatred/craziness from the right not only continues unabated this week, but intensifies on news that crackpot dentist/realtor/lawyer/douchenozzle Orly 'orly?' Taitz is flying overseas to "authenticate" Prez Obama's "Kenyan birth certificate."

I'm exhausted and headachy. It feels like I've been pounding my head against a nerf-wall over and over and over. It is really fucked up: when Dan Rather tried to report on Awol McAsshole's desertion during the Vietnam war he was drummed out of the business. But these loons get more and more coverage to air their insanity.

For more on the Billy Mays' Create Your Own Important-Looking Documents! scam, see dKos's "Debunking the unbearably stupid" and Below the Beltway, b/c I need a drink.