August 11, 2009

:: crickets ::

South Carolina’s Hypocrite of the Year, Gov. Mark Sanford, should be impeached for abusing state finances, a Republican state senator said Monday. Before apologizing to repuke media bottomfeeders Beck, Malkin and Limbaugh.

Sen. David Thomas -- the chairman of the Senate constitutional subcommittee -- wrote to leaders of the Republicant-controlled state Senate, accusing the governor of violating state regulations.

"Flights by Gov. Sanford were in violation of the South Carolina Code of Regulations," Thomas said. “And some of them were in violation of a) his marriage vows and b) of the Holy Goddamned Bible,” he should have added.
WTF reader AJ Murray writes “How much was Clinton's haircut? Edwards? The taxpayer tab for Sanford’s flight to make his hair appointment? $1,265.00" and adds we'll never hear about THAT from the media. Well, I d... hey, look: Hitlary got all shrill again!