August 20, 2009

Glenn Beck's 912 followers in desperate scramble to stop hemorrhage of sponsors

As the uberpatriot’s weepy hate-a-thon on Faux continues to bleed corporate sponsors, his ovine acolytes heed the call --

Yesterday eight more companies, including retail giant Wal-Mart, dropped sponsorship of Beck's program. That makes over 20 companies that have pulled their advertising from Beck's show in the past 2 weeks. Rather than apologize or stop spewing divisive hate speech, Beck seems to be responding by tapping his vast, creepy army of "912" followers to wage a counterprotest…
I’m not going to link to their horribly-designed webpage, called something like weepypussyassedliar, rushsaidso or defendglenn, but you have to weep for all the poor dictionaries that were pawed stickily during the process of putting it together.

Joining Wal-Mart in hating America:
GMAC Financial Services
Roche Pharma
Progressive Insurance
Best Buy
Men’s Wearhouse
State Farm
Sargento Cheese
Procter & Gamble

But all is not lost for poor Glenn. He’s picked up some new sponsors!