August 11, 2009

If it bleeds, it leads

Howard Dean: Sarah ‘death panel’ Palin is a lying bint and the media are a bunch of fucking idiots.

”Our country is in trouble. Claims like these are routinely refuted by people who know better, but they are recirculated because they are sensational, and the MSM purports to take a balanced position without a thoughtful assessment of the facts. Fox News actually has people on in support of these outrageously false claims.

”In fact, these kinds of claims are lies. There is no nice way to say it. This kind of stuff is far beyond the usual politicians' tricks of shading words and imputing meanings that aren't there. To quote a famous American who began the process of ending the McCarthy era in the fifties I address the MSM: ‘At long last, Have you no sense of decency?’"
-- Sense of WHAT? More here.