August 14, 2009

It’s because of Acorn, isn’t it?

The SO had Fox & Fux on this morning, and when I came in the room to shut it off the anchorheads were busily covering the issues. By that I mean they were trying to debunk that pic of the camera-hogging squirrel that was all over the intertubes yesterday. As one of the assclowns was yelling that the photo was “obviously photoshopped” – “both the squirrel & the people in the background are in focus!!” -- Faux put a full-screen enlargement up on screen that clearly (ahem) showed the people so blurred you couldn’t tell if they had actual hands or mutant flippers attached to their bodies..

Shit. I mean, c’mon, Fux. Is there ANYTHING you won’t lie about??

Uhh, Fox? Eat my nuts.