August 25, 2009

Maybe I’m the stupid one, for reading this shit

Pajamas Media’s Scott Ott’s footie pjs have apparently jettisoned themselves in disgust and entwined themselves around his neck, cutting off the blood supply to his head. The first sign? He quotes “big journalism’s” big whore failure wHoreward Kurtz, reporting on big journalism. Second? He posits that the MSM is in the bag for Prez Obama, after eight years of slurping up to retarded liar Il DuceBag and even now continuing to book more repuke guests than Dems on their shows. Third? He out and out lies over Pimento Palin’s death panel comments. Fourth? He quotes wHoward again. Fifth, he’s an asshole.

Howard Kurtz, in his August 24 Washington Post column, calls big journalism’s failure to knock down Sarah Palin’s “death panel” charge “a stunning illustration of the traditional media’s impotence.” As you may have noticed, the “traditional” media recently morphed from administration critics into a pro bono public relations firm for the White House. It happened on or about January 20, 2009. Now, they’re flummoxed by their failure to refute a woman they believe has the communications savvy of a pimento...

The reason why the “traditional” media has failed to knock down what Kurtz, et al, see as spurious “death panel” allegations is because journalists and politicians ignore the real facts and the legitimate concerns of the American people.
Real facts? Like there are no such things as death panels? Or death books? That people will still be able to choose what kind of plan they want? That politicians aren’t able to discuss ‘legitimate concerns’ at town halls because of all the frothing dittomonkeys screaming over them? Hmmmmm?
But people like Kurtz fail to understand that Palin does not allege that the health care reform bill contains the phrase “death panel” or that it openly advocates euthanasia. Sarah Palin’s charge has legs because: Americans love freedom.