August 6, 2009

RNC boots anyone calling about DNC ad

The party of patriotism is not only preventing people from posing questions, it is shutting down anyone who wants to ask them to stop interfering in their right to become informed.

AmericaBlog hears from its readers that the RNC is hanging up on people who call about the new ad:

The Republican National Committee doesn't want to hear from people who are upset over its thuggish tactics at town hall meetings.

[Poster] Tim writes:
“If you call the number listed in the ad -- 202-863-8500 -- the message suggests ‘Please press 1 if you are calling in response to DNC ad’ and then you are eventually dismissed or hung up on. Callers need to call and press option ‘2’ to keep from being dismissed.”
So, if you're calling, press 2.
And tell them to grow the fuck up, for petessakes ask them why do they hate America?

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