September 21, 2009


She will speak, as long as no one tells!!! It could cause her to have to "say other things....."

*snort, chortle, giggle, choke! bwaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!*

A Hong Kong-based brokerage group has invited Bible Spice to actually speak at their annual conference. And she said YES!, " long as no poopy head reporters are there!".

I figure we'll get the full scoop of her poop about the time the attendees start texting out for translations and explanations of what exactly the hell is she talking about???! Plus, there's bound to be some general coverage of the explosion of heads in the room as the speech drones on and on into one meaningless diatribe after another.

Should be some funny chit, I can't wait, I'll bring the drinks, someone get the popcorn.

p.s Her thoughts on China???? It breaks too easy. She & Toddo really prefer melamine!