September 18, 2009

CNN facing pressure to shitcan hatemongering douchenozzle

One of the country’s leading Hispanic organizations, Democracia Ahora, is launching a campaign designed to pressure CNN to rein in paranoid bigot Lou Dobbs...

“We’re asking CNN, the alleged ‘most trusted name in news,’ to really hold Lou Dobbs to the journalistic standards he should be held to,” said Jorge Mursuli, the organization’s president, who expressed frustration with Dobbs’ reports that immigration contributed to thousands of new reported cases of leprosy and of a ‘superhighway’ from Mexico to Canada.

“CNN needs to take responsibility for what he’s saying,” he said, adding, “We want CNN to insure that Lou Dobbs is going to stick with the facts. He can have his opinions but he can’t present his opinions as facts.”
Others are taking it a step further:
[O]rganizations united under the "Drop Dobbs" banner include Media Matters for America, the National Council of La Raza, the National Hispanic Media Coalition, the New Democrat Network, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“When it comes to issues like immigration, he has more in common with birther Orly Taitz than with Anderson Cooper.”