September 16, 2009

Down for the count

The House resolution of disapproval against repugnant blowhard Joe Wilson yesterday passed by a vote of 240-179. Seven Republicans voted in favor of disciplining the asswipe: Joseph Cao (La.) Jo Ann Emerson (Mo.) Jeff Flake (Az.) Bob Inglis (SC) Walter Jones (NC) Thomas Petri (Wisc.) Dana Rohrabacher (Ca.).

Twelve “Democrats” joined the rest of the rethugs in voting against it: Michael Arcuri (NY) William Delahunt (Mass.) Gabrielle Giffords (Az.) Maurice Hinchey (NY) Paul Hodes (NH) Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) Daniel Maffei (NY) Eric Massa (NY) Jim McDermott (Wash.) Gwen Moore (Wisc.) Gene Taylor (Miss.) Harry Teague (NM).

Fucking Dems.