September 23, 2009

Former conservative congresscritter puts Beck on shit-list

Morning “now what did I do with that intern?” Joe host Joe Scarborough is accusing Glenn Beck of spreading hatred and whipping up raced-based assassination hysteria against President Obama, demands Republicans renounce the hateful twat or face his wrath:

On September 22, conservative MSNBC host Joe Scarborough announced an "honor roll" for conservatives who are willing to denounce Glenn Beck's hatred --

SCARBOROUGH: “You cannot say that the president of the United States hates all white people. You cannot call the president of the United States a racist. You cannot wallow in conspiracy theories as he did for about a month, suggesting that FEMA might be setting up concentration camps and going on Fox & Friends and saying, ‘I can't disprove it,’ and then wait a month. You can't stir up that type of hatred -- calling the president a racist -- and then say, ‘I'm just a rodeo clown.’ I've got an honor roll. We're gonna have a conservatives honor roll on this show...

“We need more people doing that. You cannot preach hatred. You cannot say the president's a racist. You cannot stir up things that could have very deadly consequences. I was in Congress in 1995. I know where this can end."
Bonus: other conservatives agree: Beck is a mindless, incoherent, pandering, pathetic, racist-empowering asshole. God. I even hate writing about that guy.