September 3, 2009

Freedom-loving rethuglicans shut down pro-health care rally in central PA

Health vigil canceled due to death threats, or as the right calls them, “patriotic free speechifyin’”:

Rod Hill was among a group set to give examples to illustrate the need for health care reform, as the local version of candlelight vigils held nationwide under the sponsorship of and other groups.

But a rash of phone calls allegedly threatening boycotts of businesses connected with the complex - and alleged death threats - led to a late withdrawal of permission for the event.
Reaching down the throat and ripping the guts out of freedom INDEED. And at a townhell meeting in NJ, a woman in a wheelchair feels the wrath of the braindead:
Much like the unruly town hall meetings that have been going on across the country, the angry crowd held up bizarre and nonsensical posters of protest while hurling insults at Rep. Pallone, and each other…

A new low for these meetings may have been set when the crowd shouted down a wheelchair-bound woman with "two incurable auto-immune diseases" who had the gall to ask a question.
Jeebus God.