September 14, 2009

Get a brain, morans!

Is are children lerning? The wonderfully misspelled signs seen at the First Birthers’ teabagging parties:

  • Socilism Not My Cup of Tea!
  • If you can read this sign your smarter than Nancy Pelosi
  • I am a Arrogant American unlike our president I am proud of my country our freedom our military our generosity.
  • Feedom doesn't come free
  • I Did'nt serve 22 years for Socialism
  • Not a Extremist just Extremey Over-Taxed !!! No Amesty
  • Don't Mortage my childs future
  • Congress Shred your Taxing Scholiast Policies NOT MY Constitutional Freedoms
  • This is America and our only Lanaguage is English
  • Thank You Fox News for keeping us Infromed
  • Don't Give Away my Daugters future!
  • An Inconvenient Truth You elected a Leftist Socialist Lying Deceatfull president who is destroying this country.
  • Liberials are stealing my liberty
  • English is our language No Excetions Learn It
  • Stop Waisting my hard earned Tax Money
  • Obama has a crisis of competnce
  • Stundents 4 McCain Palin 08
  • Make English America's offical language
  • Respect Are country speak English

    LOL. More slogans at the infromative link above. Damned Liberials! **giggle**

    No pubic option!