September 30, 2009

It was the blurst of times…

With waste of trees “Going Full Retard” debuting this November, CNN resident crank Jack Cafferty asks: "What would you like to read in Sarah Palin's memoir?"

I’m sorry, I don’t speak gibberish.

John writes:
“Going Rogue: An American Life” … I think someone put an extra “f” in the title.

Isaac writes:
I just can’t wait to color the pretty pictures.

“I’m sorry” would be a good start.

[H]er memoir of what exactly??

I’d like to read the “75% off” sticker on the cover of the book in January.
Bonus: hopeful comment by frothy nincompoop Rick Santorum:
“This is an opportunity for her to show a more thoughtful side.”
** giggle ** As if.
Bonus 2: Palin’s ghostwriter is Lynn Vincent – the co-author of a book with white supremacist neo-nazi blogger Robert Stacy McCain.