September 2, 2009


Re the PATHETIC state of the United States media.................


I just don't know how to even begin to address this.

Jenna fucking Bush is going to co-ho The Mo Sho and I am once again stuck in the boat called "Let's CENTER STAGE someone NO ONE ever wanted to ever hear from in the first damned place!!!!"

No, of course I don't WATCH that pos program! I have blood pressure to put through college here......., but it'll be the total rage don't ya know. Everyone will be talking, blogging, videoing, commenting about it everywhere on the Planet Webz and it'll be about as easy to get away from as Raygun's stupid funeral was/is. So it doesn't matter if I actually WATCH the damned thing or not. UNLESS I GO AHEAD AND MOVE TO THE CAVE OF MY DREAMS SOMEWHERE, I'll end up having that asshole speaking in my face at some point.

And some idjit, prollly in the first 2 minutes of her appearance is just BOUND to ask her "So, Jenna!!! How IS your dear ol' dad??? How the hell are they doin' down there in Uberwhite Dallass any ol' who????>" ya know? And she'll sit there all bot faced and give some stupid answer that won't be "Dad's great. They don't have steps in their new house and Manuel grooms the lawn so he's not clearing brush and worrying about mom on the stairs any more, so he just wonders about the place going from cocktail to cocktail till it's the cocktail hour when he has a few cocktails and waits for his first multi thousand dollar speech offer to come in. He's just GREAT (for someONE responsible for over a million deaths over NOTHING), THANKS for asking." At which point I'm going to have to go on in, throw up for a while and have to start drinking all over again!!!


I always thought she looks a lot like her mom.

How bout you?