September 9, 2009


How in all that's holy or human is it that other countries track down, try and imprison and sometimes execute their war criminals, but over there in the good ol' U S of A, we honor the murderous fucks, name buildings after them, feature them on the tele and in parades, and act all proud????!!! What the hell is wrong with this picture???

".....University of Wyoming to name a new center for international students for former Vice President Dick Cheney..." and goes onto say there will also be in attendance a slew of protesters, there was a petition protesting this that garnered 150 signatures.

150??!! I personally know more people than that who would stand in line to sign that, so why didn't it get posted online or something??

This shit of honoring dirtbag global mass murderers is just getting down right embarrassing to those of us who hail from these United States and actually have decent upbringings, a conscience, and a healthy respect for life in general, living things and especially other humans.
Anything called the Cheney International Center should have a wall like the Viet Nam Memorial listing the names of all those who died during torture (ordered and engineered by Darth Fucker his own damned self), a room which is an entire replica of one of his torture chambers and a complete list of every time he ever lied and/or got facts wrong during his horrific tenure as vice president and Monkeyboy's chief handler for 8 God forsaken years!!!

"So it goes with Dick Cheney. No apologies. No accountability. Just a whole lot of wrong. And a whole lot of funerals." And some asshole decides to name a building at a university after him????!!!!

Why, again, isn't Chainey and the entire Bu$h cabal in prison??? One more time, please someone splain that to me???!!! God this stuff makes me crazy and pisses me off for friggin days on end.