September 9, 2009

School that banned Obama speech will bus kids to go see Bush

A Texass school which refused to air President Obama's classroom address is planning to bus students to see incoherent moron Drinky McDumbass.

Denied the chance to view a peptalk from the historic President of the United States, fifth graders will be taking time off from school to listen to gibbering drooler Tokie McCokespoon, who will appear with his wife Pickles Stepford and that manly example of all that is good in America: greasy, arrogant asshole and criminal-coddler Jerry Jones.

Bush will be speaking alongside several Dallas Cowboys players and prominent Texas business leaders.

At least one local church is up in arms.

"I do not understand the duplicity in this situation," Dwight McKissic Sr., the senior pastor of Arlington's Cornerstone Baptist Church said in a news release quoted by NBC. "I believe the students and the public deserve and need to have these differences explained."

The Arlington school district, like many in North Texas, decided not to broadcast the president's speech live after some parents expressed concern about its content.
Yeah. Instead, maybe Bunnypants can joke about looking for WMDs under Mr Jones’ ego.