September 3, 2009

Welllll, I see the Reichtards have escalated their outrageous and socially unacceptable behavior UP another notch, and are now actually starting to draw blood!

I'm a little surprised it took this long. With all the venom and napalm spewing rhetoric coming from Glenn Blehck and Limp Rashballs, along with MOST of the rethugs in BOTH houses of congress, joined by their unholy chorus of cohorts that passes for "mainstream media" in 2009 America, it's a little amazing that the first town hall injuries are just starting to occur.

Don't ya have to wonder how bad this has to get and how long it needs to go on before someone does something to attempt to restore some civility and law abidance to these events?

Dude had his friggin finger bitten off, already!!

I'm glad neither one of them was packin'......, ya know? And no doubt this will turn out to be another person who has no health care and will want someone else to pay the bills, or will start a "MyFingerPAC", or something.

Sorry that this isn't a particularly funny post. But it's not a particularly funny situation, honestly. It's sad when STOOOPID gets so burning that it turns SCARY and we have to see American on American political violence erupt.


Toine said...

Irony for the win; Anti-healthcare asshole picks a fight, gets finger bit off, gets it reattached by Medicare:

Fixer said...

Siri, love ya, really do, and it looks like you'll fit in great around here. But just a hint: It might not be a good idea to misspell the boss' name during the first week. Heh ... Quick, before M-A-R-U finds out ...

gallery said...

Hi Siri,
I too am suffering from an abundance of fatigue from the nastiness that's rising up. Sometimes I go over to Gordon and Fixers blog to vent, and sometimes I come here, but lately I've just felt that it's pointless.
I've already written and deleted three posts here tonight about my horrible experiences with loud mouthed republicans last week.
This was supposed to be a new beginning for our country, and all I feel is defensive and impotent in the face of all the lies and misinformation from the rightwing and the media.
It really is depressing when our own party can't unite and get things done because they are so beholden to corporate money and campaign contributions.
I don't want to give up hope, but if my elected officials don't think that what they campaigned for matters, what does?

Fixer said...

Gallery - I feel the same way but if I didn't feel we can ultimately win, I wouldn't be doing this so long. It's a fight, it can be depressing, but what we have here is worth fighting for. It bothers me more to just give up and not give a shit than to deal with the idiots in my own party who can't get their acts together.

Anonymous said...

Fixer, I KNOW IT!!! what i DON'T know is how to pull back posts and fix em'. and i'm in a frenzied quandry to ask maru to fix her own name on her own blog cause i f'd up! See, this is the kinda blonde assed thing i always get myself into. like rear ending police cars is a theme of my life kinda thing.
thanks for your pointer and understanding. i'll drop an email and ask maru to go in and fix her own name. on her own blog.
or maybe not.
i think you can SEE why i drink!!!

Fixer said...

... rear ending police cars ...

I'd drink a lot too. Heh ... (Come to think of it, I do drink a lot.)