September 23, 2009

Who could have anticipated.....?????

To those abroad who think they want Scary Nation speaking at their events, well, read it and weep!!! Or laugh so hard the neighbors call the authorities...................

After choking on coffee and having to pull myself up off the floor where I fell after cracking up so hard that I MAY have broken a rib or two..........I had to wonder "What the holy fuck did you expect, I don't BELIEVE the Chinese are that stupid!" Ya know, we here in the US of A thought this was a joke. I mean, we ASSUMED you were asking The Idiotawad to speak knowing perfectly well it was for entertainment purposes only!!!

But I guess not, as one captive listener was reported to have made the same damned remark previously made here by millions of poor souls who have had to listen to her babble blab: AND I QUOTE!:

" was awful, we couldn't stand it any longer".


Some other guy said she was brilliant, but it was later found out that he was deaf as a door knob.

They want their money back and are encouraging suicide to the bonebrain who thought the whole thing up................ LOLOLOLOL!!!!

Like that baby investor says: Hey! DO SOME FRICKIN' ANALYTICALS!!!! SHANKAPOTAMUS!!!! The majority of 3+million people can't be wrong, ya know!!!?

hahahahahahaha!!! Note to note: she's apparently back to buying her clothes at her favorite thrift shop in Wasilla. Nothin' designer here, looks like an ex lab coat someone threw out months ago having discovered it needed ironing, all stained and all!!! She apparently thought it had a Nehru "flavor" to it. It doesn't. Just someone's old lab coat.
owie, my ribs!!!!