October 14, 2009


thesmoots said...

EPA Releases Email Ignored by Bush Admin

The Environmental Protection Agency has released a two-year-old email that the Bush administration refused to open because it contained a ruling calling for the regulation of greenhouse gases. The ruling cited six gases it said endangered public welfare and called for regulating their release. The Bush administration objected to the ruling and ignored it by informing the EPA the email wouldn’t be read.

I copy/pasted the above from the 'Democracy Now' website and put it here in the hope that others are as offended by this latest bit neanderthal knuckle dragging law breaking brought to us by the last bunch in the white house. This ignoring of simple fact due to egotistical nay-saying deserves jail time, in my opinion. All the other stuff they pulled could be simple egocentric paranoid power mongering. This was a crime against humanity and should be treated as such.

maru said...

Thanks, thesmoots! This did not get the airtime it deserved (and I was very lax in not posting about it).