October 13, 2009

Change WE Can Believe In?

After years of Drinky McStaggers' crony industry loyal appointees at major consumer regulatory agencies, the Obama administration's officials are actually enforcing the law:

In their first few months on the job, FDA Commissioner Margaret A. Hamburg and deputy Joshua M. Sharfstein -- both with backgrounds running public health agencies -- notified General Mills that it was violating the law with its two-year-old marketing campaign that said Cheerios can lower cholesterol by 4 percent. The FDA said the company was essentially making a drug claim, which would require clinical studies and agency approval before a product is put on the market. The food giant has removed that claim from its Web site and a spokeswoman said it is in discussions with the FDA.

While the FDA began looking into Cheerios before Obama's election, several lawyers who represent food and drugmakers said they think the agency under Bush would never have taken action against General Mills.

President Hitler Hussein should stop second-guessing his military leadership. If General Mills says more cholesterol is needed, send more cholesterol!