October 1, 2009

GEEE!!!!!! YA THINK?????

From this afternoon's NYT:

"Senator's Aid to Mistress's Husband Raises Ethics Flags

Experts say that Senator John Ensign may have violated ethics
laws by helping an aide get work after having an affair with
his wife, BUT they're not really sure and are studying the entire subject
and re-examining what exactly "ethics" are, literally, in the whole literal
authentic sense, for clarity's sake and purpose." (sort of)

No shit??!? Really????

Did we really need to pull in "experts" to examine this and make a determination????

Ensign is a total whore and SHOULD BE FIRED, like months ago, when this sordid little affair was first exposed. But let's be double sure and study the living shit out of it first, maybe call in a panel, write reports after hearings and investigations JUST IN CASE WE MAKE A MISJUDGEMENT OR MISTAKE OR MISSCALL OR SOMETHING GOT MISCONSTRUED, OR SIMPLY MISSED OR SOMETHING............
Holy crap what a bunch of morons!
Just dump the slut, wash up and let us all MOVE ON already!