October 2, 2009

Godless America and repug traditional values

Faced with growing evidence that a man may have been wrongfully executed in his state, rethug Texas governor Rick Perry does the only moral thing: remove three appointees from their jobs to cancel an investigation.

Gov. Rick Perry was blasted Wednesday after he swept three appointees from their jobs just two days before they were set to critically examine a flawed arson investigation that contributed to the execution of a Corsicana man.

The hearing of the Texas Forensic Science Commission, scheduled for Friday in Irving, was abruptly canceled by the new chairman the governor he chose, Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley. He is considered one of the most conservative, hard-line prosecutors in Texas.

Innocence Project co-founder Barry Scheck compared the shake-up to the Watergate scandal's "Saturday Night Massacre," when embattled President Richard Nixon sought the removal of a special prosecutor investigating his administration.