October 8, 2009

The Hate America First Party of No eating each other

As rare as finding a spine in a Democrat is spotting reasonableness in a republican’t --

The scene is familiar: Republicans criticizing Washington's inaction on health care. Only now, they're blaming Republicans.

Concerned that their party may prevent progress on one of the nation's most intractable problems, several governors and former Washington power brokers are calling on fellow Republicans in Congress to help pass a health care bill.

"We as Republicans have got to stand up and say what we're for instead of just what we're against," said RINO Tommy Thompson, who may never be elected for anything ever again, along with the rest of his hateful party.

As former Republican congressman Mickey Edwards puts it: "The grown-ups are beginning to speak up."
Well, at least until Rush Limpbag opens his big fat maw and tells them otherwise.