October 7, 2009

Main Entry: phi·lan·der

Pronunciation: \fə-ˈlan-dər\
Function: intransitive verb
Inflected Form(s): phi·lan·dered; phi·lan·der·ing \-d(ə-)riŋ\
Etymology: from obsolete philander lover, philanderer, probably from the name Philander
Date: 1737

of a man : to have casual or illicit sex with a woman or with many women; especially : to be sexually unfaithful to one's wife

phi·lan·der·er \-dər-ər\ noun

Did I really read that right? There's actually a Philander College?? And the rethugs all have to do X number of credit hours there before they can be full on rethuglican whores???!
I KNEW it! I KNEW they had to be getting those instructions from somewhere.

So anyway, it was down there at the repubican Philanderer College that Michael Steele is trying his damndest to get his final marching orders from the "Party of Blow"!


Complimenting an ACORN top boss, heheahahahahahaha.


Pink slip should be flyin' any ol' time now.

I got the popcorn.


big em said...

Ah, Siri, you're assuming that the Repukes acknowledge a sequential time-continuum reality, where things that were said 'yesterday' actually SHOULD have a bearing on their actions TODAY (or even 'yesterday', for that matter). The IOKIYAR 'rule' overrides all logical reality - - it's kinda like a religion, where WHATEVER the prelates say/do is automatically 'right'. There, now doesn't that explain it all and provide comfort to the afflicted (ie; us)?

Buttermilk Sky said...

Say it ain't so! I want Steele to be named chairman for life. He's so incompetent, it's hard to believe he isn't a Democratic mole. But then I remember the Maryland GOP also gave us Spiro Agnew and Alan Keyes.

James said...

Siri - It's Philander Smith, an historically black college in Little Rock AR.