October 7, 2009


19 more advertisers bail from Beck.

Via ColorOfChange, the full list of the new companies ditching the Glenn Beck hatefest on Faux: AmMed Direct, Citrix Online, Concord Music Group, Diageo, Eggland's Best, Equifax, Eulactol USA (producer of Flexitol), GetARoom.com, Hoffman La Roche (maker of BONIVA), Metropolitan Talent Management, ooVoo, Overture Films, Scarguard, Schiff Nutrition (maker of Tiger's Milk and Fi-Bar), Seoul Metropolitan Government, Subaru, Toyota-Lexus, British supermarket chain Waitrose and Woodland Power Products, Inc.

Two companies -- Waitrose and Metropolitan Talent Management -- pulled their ads not only from Beck's show, but from Fox News [sic] in general.

"We are appalled at what's going on," said John Scher, co-CEO of Metropolitan Talent Management, in a phone conversation with ColorOfChange.org.. "Metropolitan Talent Management is 100% dedicated to not buy advertising on any part of Fox News."
-- Sweet. More here.