October 22, 2009

War on the media!!11!

The White House Nixonian ‘enemies list’

Ahem -- that’s the Bush/Cheney White House Nixonian enemies list --

Media Matters for America has compiled a list of organized and unjustified attacks that GOP leaders -- often aided by Fox News -- have conducted against media outlets over the past decade; those attacks have included boycotts or threatened boycotts of media outlets, efforts to revoke journalists' credentials or ban them from press planes, and even calls to have journalists prosecuted.
  • In 2001, indicted scumbag Tom DeLay boycotted and personally refused to appear on CNN.
  • In 2001, congressional conservatives were engaged in a boycott of CNN.
  • Also in 2001, CNN’s president met with GOP leaders to hear "concerns" about purported bias.
  • In 2002, GOP leadership reportedly threatened or engaged in Crossfire boycott
  • 2002: GOP boycott of Crossfire "has become official policy."
  • In 2004, NY Times reporters were excluded from Air Force Two
  • In 2006, GOP House members sought punishment, possible prosecution of NY Times
  • In 2008, Bush counselor Ed Gillespie attacked NBC, accusing the network of "blurring" the lines "between the 'news' as reported on NBC and the 'opinion' as reported on MSNBC."
  • 2008: Fox News' Ingraham questioned why White House would agree to NBC interview.
  • 2008: Cal Thomas: "What's taken the Bush administration so long? ... They should have taken on the media a lot sooner."
  • 2008: Jim Pinkerton: NBC "declared war on the White House. Why shouldn't the White House be fighting back?"
  • In 2008, McCain campaign repeatedly attacked press, banned or threatened to ban journalists from campaign plane and bus

    Gee, where was all the gpuke outrage over the “repulsive audacity” of the WH for media attacks back then? Oh yeah, right. Read more here.