November 4, 2009


Teabagging wingnuts go all gaaaaaah over the anti-American Democratic bottle that slashed a Republican tire

Earlier today, the Hoffman campaign and conservative bloggers threw a fit over a very nefarious accusation: That somebody had slashed the tire of a Hoffman poll-watcher's pickup truck.
"Hoffman Poll Watcher Has Tires Slashed," blared Red State, with photos of the truck and its flat tire.
However, the Wall Street Journal reports that the local police captain said there's another explanation: "This was not a tire slashing--this was some guy who drove over a bottle and cut his tire."
Coming soon: The Reichwingnuts will claim that the bottle had a liberal bias.
In related news, local police were also not willing to confirm that Doug Hoffman had a threesome with Glenn Beck and a bisexual goat.