November 5, 2009

Building a majority

Armey meets with … heh heh: dick meats …

The teabagger bible of harassment -- “Artificially Inflate Your Numbers, Be Disruptive Early And Often, and Try To Rattle Him, Not Have An Intelligent Debate” -- will be used to purge the republican party of its more moderate politicians, replacing them with vicious, knuckledragging cletuses.

[T]he next step of Armey’s agenda appears to be an intensified crusade to challenge moderate Republicans in primaries. Politico reports that Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC), Gov. Charlie Crist (R-FL), former Rep. Rob Simmons (R-CT) and other Republicans who have strayed from rigid party-line positions face primaries from candidates inspired by the tea parties and town hall disruption type tactics.
“Our job is to disrupt the establishment GOP. If we beat Democrats while we're at it, great. But the first priority is to fix the Drunk Party - the Living Dead establishment Republicans. They're history. They just don't know it yet…. NY-23 was the first shot in that war. It was a direct hit. Next year, we start storming the castle,” bleated a frothing dittomonkey. Meanwhile, some in the rethug big tent of circus freaks are biting their yellowed toenails in distress:
Party strategists worry that well-funded, well-organized challenges from the right could force Republicans to exhaust precious resources on messy primary fights — or force moderate candidates to adopt more strident positions early on that could haunt them during the final months of the campaign.
Whatever. Good. Fuck the whole lot of you.