November 4, 2009

Democrat wins House seat in heavily GOP area in NY

Contest serves as warning to President*

In a referendum on Obama's socialist policies and a troubling sign for the president and his party, the Democrats wrested political control from conservatard teabaggers in the NY-23 race, a seat the GOP has held for 120 fucking years.

*WaComPo headline regarding NJ, VA races. “Republican wins deal blow to Obama”, another MSM headline crowed. “GOP victories send message to Democrats” another. One you WON’T see is “Democratic win deals blow to GOP,” in a race that highlighted the huuuuuuge split in the rethuglican party, between the sane moderates who want to get things done and the drooling knuckledragging dittomonkeys led by Palin and Limpballs who don’t.