November 3, 2009

Grand Obstructionist Party sits one out

Senate republicants, who are struggling to overcome the label "The Party of No" and show they have real, innovative solutions to the nation's problems, come up with a plan: refuse to show up for work.

Republicans for the most part plan to stay away from a meeting of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on Tuesday as the panel begins deliberations over legislation that would cap greenhouse gases from power and industrial plants and curb the use of fossil fuels.

All seven of the committee's Republicans already have made clear that they have no intention of voting for the bill.

While Sen. Barbara Boxer said she hoped they would change their minds and participate, Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., another committee member, wasn't as kind at a news conference.

"It's almost like schoolchildren over there," said Lautenberg, referring to the GOP boycott..
Detestable, spoiled-brat, petulant schoolchildren who deserve a good asskicking.