December 1, 2009

Cop killer now in same condition as Huckabee's career

In the time-honored tradition of rethuglicans not taking responsibility for their actions, good Christian Mike Huckabee is now blaming everybody else for the sanctimonious asshattery that led to the slaughter of four police officers.

The controversial pardon, issued over the objections of prosecutors, could jeopardise a new presidential bid by Mr Huckabee.
Though some conservative America-hating RINO blogs bashed Gov. Huckabee for letting the multiple-killer/child molester off, fellow Fux Nooze host Falafel Bill thanked him for "being a stand-up guy" before telling him the cop killings were "not your fault, governor."

Somewhere, Bill Clinton’s raping, Vince Foster-killing pecker is rolling its little eye.