December 7, 2009

Something to cry about

Glenn Beck’s heartwarming one-man show, How the Christmas Sweater Suffocated Those Evil, Jesus-Hating Liberals, is a total, spectacular flop.

Last week, Fux Noise’s obnoxious auto-yankmeister Glenn Beck premiered his new live show based on his book The Christmas Sweater, which was simulcast to hundreds of movie theaters across the country. The sponsor, Kleenex, called it a “once in a lifetime event,” during which “Glenn will tell you about the real life events that inspired him to write” the book, play clips from his 2008 national tour, and “share stories of the overwhelming response he received.”
*snort* Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Attention Whore Theatre's vanity hour…
Despite heavy promotion on Beck’s radio and TV shows and in-theater trailers, ticket sales were practically nonexistent in major cities: only 17 tickets were sold in Boston, another 17 in New York, and just 30 in Washington, DC. While sales were better in more conservative areas, even Seattle — which is near Beck’s hometown — couldn’t muster much of a crowd.

Despite purporting to be a champion of the “little guy,” Beck set tickets prices at $20 — more than double the average ticket price. Blogger Joseph Childers reports that the production value looked “cheap,” and “the bulk of the evening consists solely of Glenn Beck acting out every role in his hokey story, with only his limited repertoire of accents and pantomime filling out the ‘cast’.”
Glenn Beck, the Christmas flop-sweater. Heh.