January 29, 2010

Not-so-breit criminal an irony-deprived hypocrite

Matt Drudge's bitch Andrew Breitbart, after happily convicting ACORN without charge or trial, complains that James O’Keefe won’t be able to get a fair trial due to those meanies on twitter.

Bonus: he totally flips out on national TV.

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From here.

Heh. Wonder if he’ll put together another legal defense fund for his wonderboy.


A World Quite Mad said...

Those stupid fuckers caused people to lose their jobs when they had done nothing wrong, because they edited the videos to suit their agenda. Most of the people at ACORN called the cops on them, but that all got conveniently left out, because all anyone cares about is a 10 second sound bite.

Breitbart, who isn't all that bright, will probably wind up getting elected to public office, since he can't seem to tell the truth about anything.

Anonymous said...

Liz Farkas, a Rutgers student who called Mr. O’Keefe “a nice guy and a loyal friend,” said she grew disillusioned after he asked her to help edit the script of a Planned Parenthood sting.

“It was snippets to make the Planned Parenthood nurse look bad,” Ms. Farkas said. “I said: ‘It has no context. You’re just cherry-picking the nurse’s answers.’ He said, ‘Okay’ — and then he just ran it.”

Asked whether the left-leaning documentaries of Michael Moore do not do the same, Ms. Farkas said: “Michael Moore goes after the rich and powerful. James isn’t doing that. He goes after low-level bureaucrats and people who are trying to help low-income people.”


Anonymous said...

...Gehh, I'm sorry I watched that video. Just another 'interview', with yet another Wingnut yelling and filibustering - interjected, of course, with [whine] "let me finnn-ishhhh you're being meeeeean let me finish!!1!", the moment he's forced to stop talking. A'hole.

(And not to get all Bill'O here but I really do think that when people do that - anyone, either side - they should in fact have their mic's cut until it's their turn to talk. I can not bear to watch such exchanges any more, I don't care the topic, the forum, or the people. It's not 'debate' and it's not even 'conversation'.)

And actually, IMHO I didn't really see A.B. as "flipping out" - just doing the Filibuster thing. That's not flipping out, it's taking control, which I think he succeeded at handily.

Kudos to David Shuster for hanging in there & not caving in to the filibuster. Just a shame I couldn't understand half of what he said.

Jacobson said...

These two "talking heads" reminded me of something....