February 9, 2010

GOP terror attack machine: wtf is their problem?

Well, that's all they've got.

“Criticism of Obama is irrational, irresponsible and painfully partisan,” says Richard Clarke, chief counterterrorism adviser on the National Security Council for President Bill Clinton and Pretzaldunce George W. Bush:

The evidence is clear that the GOP talking point machine, repeated by Fox television commentators and others, does not bother to learn the facts about terrorism before they leap to attacking the party in power's handling of the issue. They are wrong on the facts and they are wrong morally to attempt to make political gain on the damage inflicted by terrorism.

There may well be another successful terrorist attack in the U.S. someday soon. No system can stop all of the attempts all of the time; ask Israel. When and if that attack does come, let us hope the American people will reject any attempt to make it a partisan issue. It is not conduct worthy of real patriots.
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